About Us

CHAYA restaurants have remained one of the city’s most beloved dining destinations for 30 years. Lead by Corporate Executive Chef Shigefumi Tachibe, CHAYA restaurants are renowned for their modern Euro-Asian concept and influence on the Los Angeles dining scene. Chef Tachibe creates an inspired menu by infusing exotic ingredients and honored culinary traditions from his native Japanese roots. All CHAYA locations highlight their menu with local and sustainable ingredients fresh from the farmer’s market each week and seasonally refresh their menus based on local availability.

With two locations in Los Angeles and one in San Francisco, CHAYA caters to every location. Guests can enjoy lunch Monday through Friday and dinner seven nights a week.

Visit our two Los Angeles locations in Venice and Downtown LA, or in San Francisco on the Embarcadero for an unparalleled dining experience.


To learn more about our Contemporary Macrobiotic sister concept, please visit M Café


Shigefumi Tachibe: CHAYA Corporate Executive Chef

Shigefumi Tachibe began his formal culinary training at the age of 15 in Nagasaki, Japan, where he was schooled in formal French technique. Italian cuisine would next capture his imagination, and, at the age of 21, he moved to Italy to expand upon his growing interest in European cooking and cuisine where he worked as a chef in Milan.

When he returned to Japan, Tachibe brought the skills he learned abroad to the role of executive chef of La Maré de Chaya in Hayama, owned by the legendary Tsunoda family, who were known for their 390-year history of operating tea houses and restaurants throughout Japan. There, he applied his technique to Japanese cuisine to create

Yuji Tsunoda expanded the Chaya brand to the United States, opening La Petite Chaya in Los Angeles. Tachibe was the chef he appointed to run the kitchen at the innovative Franco-Japonaise eatery.

After the success of La Petite Chaya, the restaurant group expanded in California, opening Chaya Brasserie in Beverly Hills (1984), followed by critically acclaimed Chaya restaurants in Venice (1990), San Francisco (2000), and Downtown L.A. (2009). Tachibe has overseen the delicious flavors and creations of each restaurant as the Executive Corporate chef of the CHAYA restaurant group.


Yuko Kajino: CHAYA Brasserie San Francisco Executive Chef

As a chef who has worked for the family owned CHAYA restaurant group for the last 10 years, and currently at CHAYA San Francisco, Executive Chef Yuko Kajino brings not only a deft hand to creating inspired cuisine, but also an intimate knowledge of the kitchen, dining room, and its guests. As a teenager in Nagoya, Japan, he was first inspired to consider a culinary career while watching television. “I was 15 and was watching a TV show that featured all this delicious-looking food,” he says of the epiphany. “I’d never seen anything like it in my life, and all I could think was that I wanted to eat that kind of food.”

Deciding he not only wanted to eat the food, but also create it, Kajino moved to Tokyo as a teenager and attended Tuji Culinary School while working as a waiter. In 1998, he went to work at La Maré de CHAYA in Hayama, where he worked in pastry and as a line cook, quickly developing his skills in the kitchen. After only two years he relocated to San Francisco to take a position as a line cook at CHAYA Brasserie San Francisco, working his way up to chef de cuisine over the next nine years. In 2009, he moved to Los Angeles to work as executive chef at CHAYA Brasserie Beverly Hills, the company’s flagship location in the United States, before returning to the Bay Area in late 2010 in his current role.


Atsushi Kenjo: CHAYA Downtown Executive Chef

Atsushi Kenjo has mastered the signature blend of Euro and Asian cuisines for which the restaurant is renowned, drawing influences for the menus from not only the local, seasonal ingredients of Southern California, but also his love of local Japanese cuisines and street foods. Kenjo creates all menus for the restaurant and oversees the kitchen staff, ensuring that the food and service are in line with the high standards for which CHAYA is known, as well as continuing to expand his culinary expertise.

Kenjo”s mother inspired him to pursue cooking as he was growing up in Miyako City in the Iwate prefecture of Japan. After graduating from Seishin Culinary School in Japan at the age of nineteen, Kenjo began working at restaurants in Yokohama City and later at Hotel Otowa No Mori in Yokosuka, (Kanagawa), Resort in Japan. He moved to the U.S. in 2000 to work at CHAYA Brasserie in Beverly Hills and advanced through the kitchen ranks from chef de cuisine before moving to CHAYA”s Downtown Los Angeles location in 2011.