About Us

CHAYA restaurants have remained one of the city’s most beloved dining destinations for 30 years. Renowned for their modern Euro-Asian concept and influence on the Los Angeles dining scene, CHAYA Restaurants create inspired menus by infusing exotic ingredients and honored Japanese culinary traditions. All CHAYA locations highlight their menu with local and sustainable ingredients fresh from the farmer’s market each week and seasonally refresh their menus based on local availability.

With two locations in Los Angeles and one in San Francisco, CHAYA caters to every location. Guests can enjoy lunch Monday through Friday and dinner seven nights a week.

Visit our two Los Angeles locations in Venice and Downtown LA, or in San Francisco on the Embarcadero for an unparalleled dining experience.

To learn more about our Contemporary Macrobiotic sister concept, please visit M Café

Natori 2

Yuichi Natori: CHAYA Venice Executive Chef

A seasoned chef with more than 30 years in the industry and 25 years with the family-owned Chaya restaurant group, Executive Chef Yuichi Natori offers intimate insight into the delicately blended European and Asian culinary spaces. Through dishes such as the Miso Marinated Sea Bass, Soy Glazed Black Cod and Tandoori-Spiced New Zealand Lamb Chops, Chef Natori showcases an affinity for indulging in savory fare inspired by fine ingredients, the deep Japanese history, European flavors and the adjacent Pacific Ocean.

A graduate of the prestigious TSUJI Culinary Institute in Japan, Chef Natori quickly developed his skills in the kitchen and rose through the culinary ranks throughout top area restaurants like Bistro Zephyr, Nanbutei, and Kihachi, where he studied under renowned master sushi chef, Masao Suzuki. With the respected guidance of Chef Suzuki, Natori finessed his talents in Japanese cuisine. In 1990, Chef Natori joined the historic Chaya team under the aegis of Chaya Restaurant Group Executive Chef Shigefumi Tachibe, the “godfather of the tuna tartare,” and continues to pay homage to the Japanese heritage and coastal surroundings within a casual elegant atmosphere.

JOji Inoue

Joji Inoue: CHAYA Downtown Executive Chef

Driven by the notion that cooking has no boundaries, Executive Chef Joji Inoue brings his passion for creating innovative seafood dishes, respected culinary expertise and transcendental views to Chaya Downtown Los Angeles. Citing renowned chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and Masao Suzuki as mentors, Chef Joji carries on Founding Chef Tachibe’s legacy as a pioneer in Franco-Japanese cuisine. At Chaya, Chef Joji exemplifies a “Seafood Samurai,” showcasing an expertise and strong dedication to fresh fish. From a renovated Kaisen raw bar to a new whole fish tableside presentation, Chef Joji enhances the restaurant’s commitment to Japanese cuisine by introducing a Japanese fish market-inspired program to Chaya.

As a longstanding employee of Chaya, where he began as a line cook in 2004, Chef Joji’s dedication to perfecting his craft has propelled him up the culinary ranks. Chef Joji began his culinary journey with the respected team at Kihachi, where he culled inimitable knowledge from a multitude of culinary genres, and moved on to train under some of the best seafood and fish chefs in the world. With a love of cooking shows and cookbooks beginning at a young age, Chef Joji has long aspired to craft inspiring cuisine and was honored to be recognized by Founding Chef Shigefumi Tachibe, who handpicked Joji to lead the innovation at Chaya’s Downtown Los Angeles location as Executive Chef.


Yuko Kajino: CHAYA Brasserie San Francisco Executive Chef

As a chef who has worked for the family owned CHAYA restaurant group for the last 10 years, and currently at CHAYA San Francisco, Executive Chef Yuko Kajino brings not only a deft hand to creating inspired cuisine, but also an intimate knowledge of the kitchen, dining room, and its guests. As a teenager in Nagoya, Japan, he was first inspired to consider a culinary career while watching television. “I was 15 and was watching a TV show that featured all this delicious-looking food,” he says of the epiphany. “I’d never seen anything like it in my life, and all I could think was that I wanted to eat that kind of food.”

Deciding he not only wanted to eat the food, but also create it, Kajino moved to Tokyo as a teenager and attended Tuji Culinary School while working as a waiter. In 1998, he went to work at La Maree de CHAYA in Hayama, where he worked in pastry and as a line cook, quickly developing his skills in the kitchen. After only two years he relocated to San Francisco to take a position as a line cook at CHAYA Brasserie San Francisco, working his way up to chef de cuisine over the next nine years. In 2009, he moved to Los Angeles to work as executive chef at CHAYA Brasserie Beverly Hills before returning to the Bay Area in late 2010 in his current role.